Sunday, May 15, 2011


Justin Bieber. What a crazy phenomenon he has become. I have to say, I am always skeptical of these teen sensations that get launched to stardom. Usually, their fame is not fueled by talent.

But I have to hand it to Justin Bieber. I'm not a huge Bieber fan, by any means. But I've listened to his music and I've listened to him on live recordings, and the kid's got talent.

There's a chord progression that has been used FOREVER and it never fails: G-Em-C-D

Songs that use this chord progression include:

"Stand By Me" - Ben E. King
"This Magic Moment" - The Drifters
"Duke Of Earl" - Gene Chandler
"Earth Angel" - The Penguins
"Teenager In Love" - The Hit Crew
"Beautiful Girls" - Sean Kingston
"Canon in D" - Pachelbel


"Baby" - Justin Bieber

Millions of dollars and girls have been won through these four simple chords. So I decided to do my own acoustic version of Justin Bieber's "Baby". Here it is, hope you enjoy it:

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  1. That is amazing I love it! Seriously amaZing you've got so much talent! You need to make a cd

  2. Wow Shaun... you really are like the whole package. You know what I mean? Very impressed right now.

  3. That recording sounds great and you have a rocking voice. Do you have an effect on your voice? Are you using your own recording equipment?

  4. Yea, Shaun! So fun for me to hear this....still great, always were! Also, is that a picture of Kramer in the background? Ha ha. SO Shaun. :)

  5. always loved listening to you sing. you hooked me at "rocks don't have babies".